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on Fri Nov 26, 2010 9:08 am

Star Walk - 5 stars astronomy guide 5.0.1

Last Update: 19/11/2010

Genre: Education / Entertainment
Languages: DE / EN / ES / FR / IT / JA / KO / NL / RU / ZH
iDevice compatible: All
App version: 5.0.1

***Featured by Apple - Best Apps of 2009!***
Enjoy enhanced stargazing experience with gyroscope on iPhone 4 and full iOS 4 support with multitasking!

Star Walk is your personal planetarium that can answer all of your curiosities about the sky! For anyone who is interested in stargazing, amateurs or professionals Star Walk makes discovering more than 9,000 stars, planets, constellations, and messier objects as beautiful and easy as it has never been before!

Use the Star Spotter function to see the sky in front of you in real-time. Tilt your iPhone towards the sky to activate the DIGITAL COMPASS which will determine location and orientation of your phone. The image on your screen will correspond to the area of the sky you are pointing your phone towards, and it will follow your movements. Please note that this function is available on iPhone 3GS/4 devices only.

ATTENTION: for iPod Touch users please use manual selection of locations if Wifi is not available. If you have concerns or feedback about this or anything else please contact us at, follow us on or our facebook group page.

Star Walk features and how to use them:

DIGITAL COMPASS If you have an iPhone 3GS/4 tilt your phone and the ''Star Spotter'' function will be activated, a live representation of what you see in the sky will appear on your display and the sky will start following your movements right, left, up, and down. This function is not available for iPod Touch users as there is no digital compass inside iPod Touch.

TIME MACHINE: tap the clock icon and scroll the time slider to watch the sky tonight or lets say two years from now. Travel in time and observe night sky on your birthday, be a part of astronomical events like Solar eclipses and meteor showers.

SKY LIVE Window: open up the new window by tapping the moon-shaped button to see moon phases, elevation, and rising data for the Sun, Venus, Mercury, Jupiter, and Saturn.

PICTURE of the DAY: a push notification will appear on the Star Walk icon to tell you there is a new picture. Tap the right hand corner menu button, select glowing "Picture of the Day" button and a list of pictures will open in front of you. To learn more about the pictures tap the -i- icon on the top right hand corner.

BOOKMARKS: save a reminder of beautiful night sky observations, bookmark it on your iPhone and send it to your friends via e-mail.

VIEW from the EARTH: Automatic and manual selection of locations on a 3D globe.

MOON PHASES: select the SKY LIVE window and see the moon phases for several days. Change dates on the top to see the moon phases for the past or for the future. Or zoom in the image of Moon and scroll the time slider.

Wikipedia LINKS: select one celestial body and tap the - i - icon to activate the magnifier and read main information about it. To know more tap the Wiki icon at the bottom of the table and the Wikipedia page will open up.

SETTINGS: with the settings you can modify user preferences like you can change the screen to night mode, select brightness of the stars (change stars magnitude with a slider), put sounds on or off, switch on or off the constellations images.

HELP GUIDE: the help tab includes some basic instruction on how to use time machine and location selection. FAQ section includes some common questions from our users and answers to them. For any doubts, suggestions or concerns contact us via support e-mail, Twitter or Facebook fan page.
''This is the best stargazing iPhone application I have come across.'' Matt Sawyers, The iPhone Blog - 2009

''Star Walk is probably the prettiest of the astronomy guides available for the iPhone and iPod touch.'' TUAW -2009
What's new in Version 5.0.1
• Arabian translation
• BIG SCREEN - connect a second display to your iPhone or iPod and view the sky on it!
• Many bugs fixed.

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