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Kaspersky Mobile Security v9.0.52 [S60v3-5] EN-RU / Datecode 22-06-2010 / FoXPDA

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Jr admin
Jr admin

Author: Kaspersky Lab, c1cl0n, FoXPDA
Year: 2010
Language: English, Russian
Platform: (Symbian OS v9.1-2-3-4)
Rlstype: Original license + c1cl0n@FoXPDA patch system
Requirements: Full access to drive C:/
[!] All files are signed by root cert of BiNPDA

How to use:
1. Install Kaspersky Mobile Security v9.0.52
2. Execute KMS & exit
3. Install KTool v9:
For S60v3: KTool_v9_s60v3_v1.02.9052_Patched_FoXPDA
For S60v5: KTool_v9_s60v5_Touch Ed. v1.05.9052_Patched_FoXPDA
4. Open Full access to drive C:\
p.s. u can do it by ROMPatcher (Open4All.rmp)
5. Execute KTool v9
6. Enjoy =)

Kaspersky Mobile Security 9.0 is designed to ensure complex protection of mobile devices.
The product provides the following functionality to the user:
- File system scan for viruses or other malicious programs by user's demand or according to the schedule
- On-access anti-virus file scan
- Opportunity to quarantine infected objects and disinfect some of them
- Anti-virus databases update by user's demand or according to the schedule via GPRS, Wi-Fi, EDGE or ActiveSync (for Windows Mobile version)
- Blocking unsolicited SMS messages and calls
- Opportunity to block the user data in case the device is lost or stolen
- Opportunity to delete user data in case the device is lost or stolen
- Device protection against network attacks via TCP/IP
- Opportunity to create a folder for saving files in the encrypted form (except for smartphones running Symbian OS 9.4)
- Opportunity to identify the phone location remotely (if the device is equipped with a GPS receiver)
- Opportunity to block outgoing calls and messages to the specified numbers
- Opportunity to send Anti-Theft commands to manage other devices with Kaspersky Mobile Security 9.0 installed
- Opportunity to temporary hide/restore personal information
The product has a user-friendly and intuitive interface.
The product can be installed to the main memory of the mobile
device only.

Product components:
Kaspersky Mobile Security 9.0 comprises the following components:
• Anti-Virus
• Anti-Spam
• Anti-Theft
• Firewall
• Encryption
• Parental Control
• Privacy Protection


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