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on Fri Sep 10, 2010 11:19 pm

Trenches 1.2.5 - AD iPhone and iPod touch

Trenches delivers hours upon hours of pitched battle and mayhem filled fun. The ever-deepening Campaign sports three levels of difficulty. Add to that, Skirmish mode where you can create custom battles and even random ones for endless replayability.

SECRET UNLOCKABLE MODE REVEALED! Finish the Campaign and unlock Zombie Horde in Skirmish! The hordes of the undead have risen and it is up to you to try to defeat them. How long can you last?

√ Over 20 achievements through OpenFeint
√ Original Voice Talent
√ Original Musical Scores
√ Adaptive Difficulty
√ World Class Art
√ Captivating Gameplay
√ Silent Unlockables
√ Mini-game as good as some stand-alone games
√ Tons and Tons of Cowbell
√ Listen to your own music


Version 1.2.5 is out!:
•Increase the length to the campaign

•Adding new types of play to the campaign, such as Keep Secrets Safe, Box Barrage, and More

•Revamping the units for increased strategy

•Adding bunkers/bases to the spawn points

•New Gestures to advance all units and to stop all units at one time. Swipe two fingers forward to All Advance nearby troops. Swipe two fingers backwards to Retreat nearby troops. Shake to Panic Retreat troops in view. Swipe two fingers down to stop nearby troops.

•New Skirmish Game Mode: The Great Escape

Future Updates will include:
• Cooperative and Competitive Multiplayer
• New units, such as the Engineer, Medic, and Flamethrower unit
• New factions to play! (Maybe French, German, or whomever you decide!)
• Of course more Skirmish modes, like Capture the Flag, King of the Trench, and More.

New in this version We are very excited to present an extended campaign, new skirmish game modes, and extraordinary new graphics!

Please note that this update will remove any saved games, but rest assured the new campaign is worth it!
Languages English
Requirements Compatible with iPhone and iPod touch.
Requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later.

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