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on Thu Nov 25, 2010 10:15 am

ChronoSync 4.1.1

ChronoSync easily synchronizes or backs-up files and folders in a variety of ways. Synchronize files between folders, hard drives, removable media, laptops, file servers, or any computer, not just a Macintosh.

Features include:
Fully customizable toolbar.
All synchronization settings are stored in separate, self-contained, double-click- able documents that can be run or modified at any time.
Synchronize files in any direction or bi-directionally.
Establish simple, intermediate, or advanced rules to include or exclude files by name, size, date, extension, plus other more advanced options.
Compare files before and after synchronizations to see the status of every file.
Run trial synchronizations to check results before committing.
Special options that ignore invisible files, resolve alias, preserve folder attributes and synchronize deletions.
A complete transaction log maintains a complete history of all synchronizations run with options for exporting and printing.
Automate synchronization with a full-featured scheduler.
Schedule synchronizations to occur at launch, termination, once, or any repetitive time frame desired.
Launch ChronoSync at system startup and have it run in the background.
Use AppleScripts to automate the process even further.

Mac OS X 10.4 or later.
“ Version 4.1.1:
Enhanced the file size rule to now support "GB" as an option.
Now performs "Move to Trash" operations more reliably.
Added better exception handling.
Changed the way skipped date roll backs are posted to the log so that
they now appear as errors.
Bug Fixes:
Fixed a problem with file size reporting.
Fixed a bug where scheduled syncs would not run if the user had canceled a quit attempt.
Fixed a problem where frequent updating of the preference file was preventing the system from going to sleep on its own.
Fixed a problem where sync-on-mounts that targeted a volume connected with admin access would not work.
Fixed a bug whereby documents created on activation were not created from the default document template.
Fixed various target connection related bugs.
Fixed an erroneous readiness warning regarding partition schemes on certain kinds of bootable backups.
Fixed a problem with ejecting bootable destination targets.
Fixed problems sending email notifications through certain types of mail servers.
Fixed a bug whereby all in-agent file copies were never preserving HFS compression.


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